Hazardous Waste

Handled With Care


haz waste 2Hazardous waste management is a tightly regulated market requiring experience and technical skills to meet industry and legislative requirements. Using our extensive knowledge we will select the most appropriate disposal route for your wastes and ensure all documentation and licensing is in place. There are over two hundred waste products classified as hazardous.



haz waste

These range from the obvious such as chemicals and laboratory waste (lab smalls) right through to every day materials such as aerosolsĀ and common bleach, we pride ourselvesĀ on being able to direct these waste to the most costs effective, environmentally sound routes available in the UK.




Services we offer:

medium299341Drummed waste
sidebar-3Bulk liquid waste
sidebar-3Waste Oil recycling
sidebar-3Clinical waste
sidebar-3Lab smalls disposal
sidebar-3Computer hardware recycling/ disposal
sidebar-3Toner cartridge recycling
sidebar-3Battery recycling/ disposal